About Mia Oxley

I help people talk to each other – when the topics are important and the dynamics are difficult.


Before establishing Oxley Consulting & Mediation in 1996 I’d worked in education, local government, and the non-profit sector. Since then I’ve helped thousands of Alaskans realize their personal and organizational goals through carefully designed meetings, formal mediations, communication workshops, and individual conflict coaching.

I got an early start in this line of work; I was born a middle child and grew up in an Air Force family. Both called for a lot of listening and sharpened my curiosity about people. As a young adult I earned two degrees in education and have throughout my professional life continued studying people, group dynamics, conflict, and how to help.  I’m proud of my extensive continuing education. (Check it out here)

Formal education has grounded my work in the theory and practices of the conflict resolution field, but I also draw heavily on my first-hand organizational experiences. I can put myself in the shoes of my clients in small businesses,  large corporations, in the public sector, the education arena (both K-12 and higher ed) and in the non-profit world. (See a list of my clients here) I’ve been there. I’ve formally mediated or otherwise resolved 100’s of disputes – and I sleep well at night knowing I’ve prevented an unknowable number of misunderstandings and minor disagreements from spinning into time-wasting, morale-defeating, relationship-damaging conflicts.

I went to Alaska for a summer visit in 1976 and, like so many others, stayed. After 40 adventure-filled Alaskan years I have recently relocated to Portland, Oregon where I’m continuing to make peace – one conversation at a time.