Mia’s extensive education and professional development has contributed to her success in the conflict resolution field.

BA, Education, VPI&SU, Blacksburg, VA
MEd, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Association for Conflict Resolution
Workplace Section, Family Section, Elder Decisions Section

Alaska Court System Mediation Programs – Mediator and Mentor Mediator,
CINA, Adult Guardianship, Child Custody & Visitation Mediation Programs

Mediation Training,
Center for Dispute Resolution, Boulder, Colorado, (40 hrs) 4/15-19/96

Domestic Violence Training for Mediators,
Alaska Bar Association, (CLE#53),10/30/96

Representing Your Client Through Divorce Mediation,
Alaska Bar Association(CLE#20, 4.5 CLE credits) 10/31/96

Victim-Offender Mediation Training,
Community Dispute Resolution Center, Anchorage, (24 hrs), 6/27-28,30/98 and 7/2/98

Dealing with Interpersonal Conflict,
The Justice Institute, Vancouver, BC, (24 hrs, cr 110),  4/19-20/99

Mediation Skills Level I,
The Justice Institute, Vancouver, BC, (24 hrs, cr 250), 4/21-23/99

Dealing with Anger,
The Justice Institute, Vancouver, BC, (24 hrs, cr 200), 4/26-28/99

Adult Victim Offender Mediation,
Dr. Mark Umbreit, The Resolution Center,Anchorage, 8/99

Child in Need of Aid Mediation Training, CDR Associates, (40 hrs), 1/18-22/00

Mediating with the High Conflict Couple, the Alaska Court System, Margaret Powers, (2.75 CLE credits), 1/5/00

Child Development Research, Custody and Visiting Decisions,
Alaska Court System, Joan Kelly, Ph.D., (3.25 hrs) 10/26/00

Interviewing Children in Mediation, Dr. Joan Kelly, (2.75 hrs), 10/26/00

Permanency Mediation & Family Conferencing, Anita Stuckey, Alaska Court System, (20 hrs) 11/00

Mediation in Cases of Domestic Abuse: Problems, Policies and Procedures,
Alaska Dispute Settlement Association, Peter Salem, MA and Ann L. Milne, ACSW, LMFT, (6.5 hrs), 11/29/00

Compassionate Listening Workshop,
Resource Solutions, University of Alaska Anchorage,  (8 hrs), 2/21/01

Advanced Mediation Skills within a Transformative Framework,
US Postal Svc, Ken Fox and Judy Saul, Inst for the Study of Conflict Transformation, Inc (20 hrs)  8/7-8/01

Family Group Conferencing – Coordinator Training,
American Human Association National Center on Family Group Decision-Making, Leslie E. Wilmot, MSSW and Paul M. Sivak, MSW, (18.75 hrs) April 29, 30, May 1, 2002 (General CLE Credits)

Domestic Violence and Mediation, Anne Milne, 8/1-2/02,

Open Space Facilitation Workshop,
ADSA & FNSSD, C. Corrigan, M. Herman, J. Richardson, Fairbanks AK,  (12 hrs), 4/20-21/02.

The Power of Dialogue: Constructive Conversations on Divisive Issues, Pasadena.Public Conversations Project , Sallyann Roth, M.S.W. and Robert Stains, Jr. M.Ed. (24 hrs), November 14-16, 2002

CINA Advanced Mediation Training, The Alaska Court System, Bernie Mayer, PhD, CDR Associates, Anchorage AK, (19.5 CLE’s), September 8-10, 2003

Domestic Violence and Mediation: Research and Management Issues, The Alaska Court System, Joan Kelly, PhD, CDR Associates, Anchorage AK, (2 hrs – General CLE credits), April 21, 2004

Divorce Property and Financial Settlements for Mediators,
ADSA,  Alaska Bar Association ADR Section, and the Alaska Court System, Sheila Miller, Financial Planner/Mediator and Glenn Cravez, Attorney/Mediator, (3.5 hrs Gen CLE/contact hrs), 5/20/04

Adult Guardianship/Conservatorship Mediation Training, The Alaska Court System,by Susan Hartman, Susan Butterwick and Zena Zumeta, Anchorage AK, (36.25 CLE/contact hours), September 19-23, 2005

Conflict Resolution in a Changing World: Building the Practice and Fostering Hope, 5th Annual Conference of the Association for Conflict Resolution, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 9/28, 05 – 10/1/05

High Conflict People in Custody Disputes, The Alaska Court System, Bill Eddy, LCSW, Esq, CDR Associates, Anchorage AK, (6.5 hrs – General CLE credits), November 2, 2006

Considering Topics and Issues in Family Group Conferencing, Leslie Wilmot, MSSW, American Humane Assoc, National Center on Family Group Decision Making, 7.75 General CLE Credits, sponsored by the Alaska Court System, 11/3/06.

Mediation Mentoring Training,
AK Court System, Bernie Mayer, Anch AK, (16 contact hrs), 10/9-10/07

Coercive Control: The Entrapment of Women in Personal Life, The Alaska Court System. Evan Stark, Ph.D. (7 contact hours), February 11, 2008

Advanced Child Custody Mediation Training,
sponsored by the Alaska Court System, by Zena Zumeta, J.D. (29 Contact Hrs or CLE), April 10, 2008

Annual Family Law Update,
sponsored by the Alaska Bar Association, (2.25 general CLE credits), March 24, 2009.

Family Group Conferencing in Alaska: Putting it into Practice, sponsored by the Alaska Court System, (17 general CLE credits), July 13-15, 2009.

Litigating Family Law Cases Involving Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault, sponsored by the Alaska Network on Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault,  (14.25 general CLE and .5 Ethics Cr) February 15-16, 2010.

Adult Guardianship/Conservatorship Mediation Training, The Alaska Court System, Susan Butterwick and Zena Zumeta, Juneau AK,  (21 contact hrs), May 3-5, 2010

Advanced Conflict Intervention Skills, The Alaska Court System, Bernie Mayer, PhD, Anchorage AK, (13 contact hrs), October 4-5, 2010

Neuroawareness for Mediators, Francois Bogacz, NeuroAwareness Consulting Service, (30 contact hrs), Nov 2012- Mar 2013

Trainer, CINA Mediation Training Program, The Alaska Court System, 2013

Coach for 40 hour CINA Mediation Program Training, The Alaska Court System, Bernie Mayer, PhD, CDR Associates, Anchorage AK, June 2005.

Coach for Multi Party Negotiations, Working with Parents, Families, and Professional in Child Protection for the State of Alaska, Bernie Mayer, PhD, Creighton University, Anchorage AK, October 6, 2010

Mentor for new mediators in CINA Mediation Program since 2005

Alcohol Abuse, Depression and Suicide in Later Life,
Alaska State Assoc for Guardianship and Advocacy, Vicky Schmall, PhD,  (6.5 CLE) 8/24/09.

Abuse & Exploitation of Vulnerable Adults,
Alaska Court System, Barbara Dick, Adult Protective Services, Juneau AK, (3 contact hrs), 5/6/10

Mental Health First Aid, Alaska Trust Training Cooperative, 8 hrs, November 13, 2013