Not every conflict requires an intervention as formal as mediation. But when the stakes are high, the relationship important, and you’ve tried less formal interventions without success, mediation can be a powerful tool.  In a way, I think of mediation as a highly specialized form of conversation.

I practice a facilitative, interest-based form of mediation.  When I mediate your dispute you can count on these key elements: 1) Private discussions with each participant before any joint session  2) Confidentiality  3) An agreement when each party is satisfied – and not until then.

As a facilitative mediator I do not decide the outcome as a judge or an arbitrator would. Instead I apply my expertise to help disputing parties have the specific conversations that will help them to reach their own agreements. And they almost always do.

I’ve conducted hundreds of formal mediations since 1997.  I’m experienced and ready to mediate disputes related to organizational problems, workplace conflicts, partnerships, child custody, divorce, elder care decisions, parent-adolescent issues, customer complaints, tenant-landlord and neighbor disputes. Often a mediation is between just two parties. But many times there are 5, 12, or as many as 20 parties.

Today my clients are often businesses small and large, Native corporations, non-profit organizations, community groups, and families. I have mediated hundreds of court-related cases for the Alaska Court System as part of their mediation programs: Child in Need of Aid, Adult Guardianship, and Child Custody and Visitation.


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