Meeting Facilitation

Clients call on me to facilitate their organizational meetings for all kinds of reasons:

  • To assure the goals will be accomplished in the time allotted
  • To free leaders to actively participate in the meeting
  • To ensure all the members of a team are engaged
  • To add credibility
  • To assure neutrality
  • To experience a fresh, unfamiliar, or specialized meeting approach
  • Because they anticipate controversy or an undercurrent of tension
  • Because they want to engage in ways that will prevent destructive conflict
  • Or  for some other reason entirely

I’ve designed and facilitated meetings with a handful of participants in very delicate and private discussions, large public meetings for government agencies –  and everything in between. All of them were reverse engineered.  That means I meet with you, my client, to get very clear about your intended outcomes (tangible as well as intangible) and I make sure the meeting is focused, on topic, and on time to achieve your goals. It has worked for my clients to date. It can work for your organization too.

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